Jebediah Aldehyde hails from Ohio, with a rifle and a scalpel.


Class: Dedicated Hero Level: 5 Starting Occupation: Doctor
Age:26 Gender:Male Height: 6ft Weight:180 Ibs Eyes:Blue Hair:Brown Ethnicity: Redneck

Str: 13 (1)
Dex: 14 (
Con: 12 (1)
Int: 15 (
Wis: 15 (2)
Cha: 9 (

Grit: 30
Defense: 15
Initiative: 2
Base Attack Bonus: 3
Speed: 20 ft/round (medium load)
Saving Throws: 6
Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 1
Will: 3
Reputation: 2
Action Points: 7

healing knack (2 on all treat injury checks)
healing touch (
2 hit points with med/surgery kit)
faith (when spending action point to increase roll, add wisdom modifier to result)

Treat Injury: 15 (+2 Class, +2 Talent, +2 Occupation)
Disable Device: 15 (lockpicking)
Spot: 13
Ride: 10
Survival: 10

Simple weapons proficiency
Personal Firearm proficiency
Far shot
Dead aim
Medical Expert

First Aid kit x 1.9

3lbs Native Bow, finely crafted +1 1d6, 40ft
25 arrows
8.5 lbs Spencer Carbine .52R, 2d10, x20, 70ft., 7 shots, larger
3 lbs Colt New Model Army .44P, 2d6, x20, 30ft., 6 shots, medium
1 lbs Large Scalpel in jacket pocket (knife, 1d4 P, x19-20 10ft)
.52 caliber rounds x112
.44 caliber rounds x80
15 lbs Room for three first aid kits (see above for count)
Almost empty ether bottle, just a few mL and fumes.
30 lbs Medical Kit x 1.8
10 lbs Week’s Rations
4 lbs Leather Jacket (soft armor)
Clothes, weight negligible
3 lbs Boots
2 lbs Rifle scabbard
0.5 lbs Pistol holster
2 lbs Ammo belt
1 lbs Lockpick set
6 lbs 6 Canteens
Matches (300)

Comanders loot:
2 pistals
2 rifles
2 dynamite sticks
fancy shoes, pants, shirt, and bowlers hat

3 lbs Bag for all this shit

Total Weight: 85 lbs (medium load)

Jebediah Aldehyde grew up in rural Ohio hunting for and tending to his drunken father. His mother had died in childbirth, and Jeb never learned to talk all pretty like being raised by a gruff widower. However he did teach himself to read with his mother’s bible and his old man taught him how to shoot a rifle and stich him up after he got into bar fights and the like. When Jeb was 12 his old man won a modest sum of money in a card game and promptly used it to drink himself to death. Jeb was sent to live with well-to-do relatives of his mother in Dayton. His relatives in Dayton couldn’t stand Jeb’s frankness and mannerisms so they shipped him off to boarding school. He devoted himself to his studies and was later admitted into medical school. He practiced medicine in Dayton for a few years before he ran into a bit of trouble involving an illegal procedure and crooked Judge Brown’s favorite mistress. Judge Brown forced Jeb to operate in unsterile conditions to keep his affair a secret and the young lady ended up dead. Judge Brown put a bounty on Jeb’s head for manufactured charges and to run him out of town. Jeb gathered his medical supplies and his rifle and headed west. So far bounty hunters have chased him as far as St. Louis, where Jeb is currently lying low.


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