Dashiel "Dash" Flynn

Dark black hair with bright green eyes, a lean 6'0" man with a stoic confidence.


Lvl. 4 Fast Hero,Lvl. 1 Charasmatic Hero, Ex Soldier (Occupation=Military)
STR-10(0), DEX-16(3), WIS-10(0), INT-14(2), CON-10(0), CHA-16(3)
AC-20 (10+3dex+5class+2armor)
Base attack bonus= +3
Action points= +7
Reputation= +3
Base Speed= 40ft
Fortitude=1, Reflex=5, Will=1
Feats: Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Mobility, Shot-on-the-run, Personal Firearms Prof., Simple Weapons Prof.
Talents:Increase Speed, Improved Increase Speed, Charm (Ladies)
Skills: Bluff 11, Disguise 11, Diplomacy 11, Intimidate 11, Escape Artist 11, Hide 11, Sleight of Hand 11, Read/Write English, Speak Language: French
Colt New Model Army- .44P, 2d6, x20, 30ft., 6 shots, medium, 3 lbs.
Spencer Carbine- .52R, 2d10, x20, 70ft., 7 shots, large, 8.5 lbs.
Loomis side by side shotgun- 15ga, 2d6 or 3d6 ss,x20, 20 ft., 2 shot or single, large, 9 lbs.
Leather Armor- +2ac, +6 max dex, 0 penalty, 30 ft., 15 lbs.
Backpack, leather duster jacket, hip holster for handgun, flint and steel, compass, canteen, 30ft. rope, 10 days rations, fake ID, 100 rounds .52R on bandoleer, 100 rounds .44P, Big ass knife,



Dash was a Captain in the Civil War fighting for the Union. While serving he got a report that his home town had been attacked by the southern forces. He abandoned the cause and headed home only to discover his home burned to the ground and his wife and three sons hanged in the large oak tree in the front yard. After some time he discovered the man who did this was Captain Carl “One Eye” Grimes of the Southern forces. Since this discovery he has devoted his life to One Eye’s death. Charged as a deserter Dash goes by the name of John Quinn. After beating the hell out of some of One Eye’s minions he discovered that One Eye was now in St. Louis. Dash bought the first train ticket he could and never looked back.

Dashiel "Dash" Flynn

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